Pros And Cons Of Buying A House Vs. Building A House

This is a problem many of you face when it comes to deciding to acquire a property. Both ways of either building a property or buying property has pros and cons. The method you choose depends on what you are looking for in a house and how soon you want it sorted. Here is a brief description of both pros and cons of building vs. buying property.

The time frame

When you decide to buy a property the whole process can be sorted in few months. You can hire a buyer advocates and get help to search the properties listed and to buy. But if you consider building a house, this takes at least 8 months to complete give or take 2 months. The time frame to complete is fairly longer than buying a property. However if you decide to build a house you need to know that it will take longer than buying property. But there are pros of building a house compared to buying. You will have everything brand new and it will be less prone to repairs. If you buy property sometimes based on how old the property is there may be repairs required soon. Leaks in the pipelines, electricity issues may come up in a bought house, but when you build one, you are installing everything new so it’s less likely to have any repairs for a couple of years.

The quality of finishing

When you buy a house, even though there is a buyer advocates helping you to choose the best option, the quality of finishing of the house is not guaranteed. When you buy a house the finishing if the parts like the kitchen, the floors, and the walls are not supervised by you so it may not be exactly what you want and it would cost to change the finishes. Sometimes the quality of the tiles or the wood they have installed may not be up to the standard you were looking for. But when you build a house, you can personally supervise the finishing. Especially the neatness of the tile grouts and the carpets and various other finishes like in the kitchen cabinets and bathroom etc. Visit this link for more details on buyers advocate Brighton.

Resale value

When you build a house or buy a property first thing you should consider is the resale price. How much does this worth when I sell this in a couple of years? Should be the question you should ask. When compared to a house that you bought, a newly built house has more resale value. Also you can do some value added things in the house. For example use wooden floors and cladding on the walls. But when you buy a house you have already paid too much and it is difficult to do any changes that easily.