Property Management System

Property management in Epping is defined as management of operations and overseeing of residential and commercial real estate.  Functions include monitoring, maintenance and record keeping for the property in control. Real estate hire property manager to supervise this task and team of technical help is always provided to property manager to perform his duty at full. As the property size increase or the design of real estate get complex, the job of property manager become tedious. Sometime the size of real estate is so gigantic that it’s not humanly possible to trace and track all the activities in the same. So with help of IT advancement, the property management system has been developed and deployed at that real estate. These are type of Enterprises resource planner (ERP) can contained all the information as required by Property manager.  

These property management systems are heavily installed in hospitality industry. As hotels are also one form of real estate and hotel operation are complex because of many services were provided by single real estate under single roof. So these property management systems were initially designed for hospitality industry but then their application also found handy in other residential and commercial real estate. These property management systems perform multiple functions.  Some of their notable features are as follows; 


This is the feature which allows property manager to reserve the property for certain events in future. It also maintains the record of property about the status in past or future. It helps to plan the events of the property as per its availability. It has wide usage in hotels but is applicable for hostels and rental residence.   

Customer Information 

PMS works as customer data base also. The details of customer will be entered in the system before letting out the property. This details help to keep trace of customer moving and out of property. Customer data base is critical for future follow up or in case of any unfavorable incident at the property.  Customer can be tracked down. 


This is the soul of PMS. Reporting is the tool which defines the effectiveness of PMS. Reports can be design as per property owner requirement. Property owner will ensure to add all the parameters in reporting which is important for measuring the efficacy of property. These reports can be extracted on daily, weekly or monthly basis. Reports can display bunch of data as per defined parameters. If the input of data is correct ten reports will be sow accurate results. Report can sow the occupancy level, frequency of customer, revenues and profit & loss statement. Reporting is a language by which PMS communicate to its user. Tis provide unbiased analysis on the basis of input data. Same reporting can be transferred into dashboard which shows the snapshot of property performance according to defined parameters.  

Point of Sale 

Performance management systems also work as Point of Sale. It is enabled to generate invoices as per transaction. Even it can auto generate invoices if period are pre-defined. PMS works as eyes of property manager in terms of financial and operational efficiency of property. For more information, please log on to