Live Life From Your Couch: How To Use Services To Manage Your Life

If you’re earning enough coin to pay your taxes and then some, you don’t need to step out of the way to do the boring side of living, like shopping for groceries. Now, even the middle- income earner can do just that by making use of cheap services advertised online to live the high life. Here is how you can make maximum use of lifestyle services to upgrade your life:

Bring the Supermarket to Your Door

If you want fresh fruits and vegetables, there is no need to walk down to the farmer’s market. Plenty of supermarkets now have online sites where you can simply add items to the cart and have it delivered. The delivery might be a little costly, so instead of using the delivery provided by the supermarket itself, find a delivery service that provides cheaper service and have them pick up your groceries and deliver to your door. Some online sites even provide personal shoppers to help customize your experience.

Hire a Personal Shopper to “Up” Your Style

There is no need to pay top dollar to the flashy personal shoppers who service reality TV stars. Instead, you can hire a part- time student who works in fashion merchandising maybe, who is looking for hands- on experience. Place an ad online and take your pick. Personal shoppers take into account your personal style, your budget and what they can upgrade and fix. Professional personal shoppers know the local stores, where the bargains are and how to get designer brands at knock- off prices. The best personal shoppers are all about saving you money, not spending it.

Find Agents to Handle Your Business

This must be done carefully as there is always the risk of being ripped- off. But do it right, and all your business worries will melt away. Need to buy a gorgeous house you saw online but too far away to do it in person? Have the buyer’s agent and property buyers handle it for you. They will negotiate a price that is advantageous to you (as the buyer’s agent represents the buyer) while property buyer will secure the house until you can come down in person to sign the paperwork. You can even assign power of attorney to a business lawyer and turn over the business matters to them don’t forget to check the books periodically.

Healthcare at Home

Staying at home all the time means no or less exercise, so don’t forget to get your body moving. If you can’t afford a personal trainer, look online for tutorials, message boards, chat groups and services that offer workout advice that matches your body type. These days, you can even self- diagnose with the user- friendly interfaces provided by some hospitals. Doctors and nurses of private hospitals are available 24/7 for house calls, so taking care of your health has never been easier.