How To Safely Purchase A Condo

When you are looking at a condo to buy or rent, make sure you measure it out carefully. The floor size and the dimensions of each room need to be in accordance with the needs that you have for free space as well as the amount of furniture that you need. Check if the blueprints of the condo have the same basic specifications or if there are differences. Make sure that the size of the condo is in a reasonable range for you to purchase it. Then look at the layout of the unit in general. Look at the positioning of the walls, doorways and windows. Check if you could possibly have some basic changes done to them at a later date if you aren’t really a fan of how it looks right now, and try to figure out the cost for you of such changes to the building. If you have a disability or friends with one, make sure the place has easy access for wheelchairs and people with crutches.

Look for other plans
In condo for rent in Bangkok are growing increasingly popular among the middle class. If you are in the market and have found one that suits your fancy, make sure that you check if the ceiling of the building can be lowered in height in order to install things like mechanical vents and air ducts in the future. If the unit doesn’t have plans for this type of situation in place, when it does arise there will be a lot of issues concerning the aesthetic appearance of the unit in general. No one wants all those unsightly wires and ducts running all over the place every time they look up. The existence or lack thereof of such plans can also change where exactly you are going to be placing your furniture, art and other elements of interior décor that you will be bringing into what could possibly be your new home.

Ask the right questions
There are plenty of other questions to ask when engaging in Bangkok property for sale and purchases. These should ideally be asked of the developer of the units, and should involve things like noise control, central heating and air conditioning and ventilation. You also might need to ask about the energy rating of the building. A condo that is energy efficient will allow you to pay much less for your monthly electricity and other utility bills. Think about the level of cleanliness of the area in general as well as how environmentally friendly the facilities and services included are. If you want some down time, ask if there is a pool and other facilities available to tenants.